When you partner with Wilkinson Cooley, your business finances will be in good hands. You'll enjoy personal attention and thorough service from experts in finance and tax -- a must-have for any well-run, profitable business.

With Wilkinson Cooley, you'll be able to avoid tax pitfalls and reap all the savings you are due.
A business owner was pleasantly surprised upon coming to Wilkinson Cooley for help with her taxes. Not only did Wilkinson Cooley help her find ways to significantly reduce her tax bill, but helped her boost her gross profit at the same time, freeing up cash she needed for business expansion.
You've got plenty to keep you occupied. So it's no surprise if you can't keep up with current tax regulations and how they affect your business. No better reason to partner with Wilkinson Cooley. You'll have tax experts who can help you plan for and prepare your taxes, and who will work closely with you to develop tax strategies that take advantage of the latest changes in tax laws and legislation -- allowing you to make the most money with the least tax burden.

Our tax preparation expertise covers corporations, S-Corps, LLC, estates, trusts and non-profit organizations.

Call us today and start uncovering savings you didn't know were there.

Did you know?
Wilkinson Cooley has successfully negotiated elimination of outside tax liabilities from $5,000 to $100,000.

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With Wilkinson Cooley, you'll have the help you need maximizing your business value and negotiating an optimum sales price.
A small business owner needed to sell his business. He came to Wilkinson Cooley for help negotiating the sale. Acting as a third-party financial arbitrator, Wilkinson Cooley was able to help the business owner more than triple the price of his business by the time it sold.
Don't leave the sale of your business up to chance. Get the price that it's really worth. Wilkinson Cooley can help you gather the necessary information, perform a business valuation that reflects the true worth of your business, and when the time comes to sell, can act as a third-party arbitrator and expertly negotiate a higher price for you.

Call us now to begin the process, and we'll provide crucial advice, planning, and support every step of the way.

Did you know?
Wilkinson, Cooley & Company has negotiated business sales price increases of as much as 350%.

Visit our set of Financial Calculators for quick answers on topics such as your IRA, investments, your child's college tuition, and your mortgage or credit card calculations.

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When Wilkinson Cooley performs your financial audit or review, your business benefits in many different ways.
One client needs an audit yearly to comply with lender requirements. Wilkinson Cooley performs the audit. In addition to receiving correct, thorough, and professional final reports prepared by Wilkinson Cooley, this client has saved at least $5,000 each year compared to what larger CPA firms charge for the same work. That's not all, however. Management personnel receive personal attention and mentoring from Wilkinson Cooley. And over the years, Wilkinson Cooley's careful audit work has helped them streamline and correct accounting procedures and understand how to improve their monthly cash flow and increase their gross margin.
There's more to a financial audit than just reporting the numbers. An audit performed by Wilkinson Cooley can reveal a wealth of information that you can use to make your business more efficient and profitable down the road. We'll not only perform the audit in an expert, timely manner at lower cost to you, but we'll help you understand what the audit results indicate and how to put them to use for the good of your business.

Call us now for more information about our thorough, professional, value-added financial audit and review services.

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Breathe easier knowing that your accounting and bookkeeping are in expert, experienced hands.
Wilkinson Cooley helped train a small business owner on doing her bookkeeping. As the process became less confusing, she began to enjoy bookkeeping. And she knew Wilkinson Cooley was just a phone call away for questions, and that we would help her with additional accounting adjustments she needed for correct financial statements.

Another business owner realized, in late January, that he needed to complete and mail his 1099s by the end of the month. He called us to see if we could do it for him. We told him "no problem." In a fraction of the time it would have taken him, and at very little cost to him, we prepared his 1099s and all the other requisite IRS forms, and mailed them. He was quite relieved to have them mailed on time.

Does your bookkeeper fully understand the principles of accounting? If you're not a seasoned accountant yourself, you may not know. Anybody can call themselves a bookkeeper. But with Wilkinson Cooley, you'll know you have CPAs with years of experience as accountants making sure your bookkeeping and accounting is done correctly.

What would make your life easier? We can prepare your monthly and quarterly payroll tax returns as well as your year-end W-2s, W-3s, 1099s, 1096s, and 940s. And we can help you deal with IRS notices, getting set up on EFTPS, and dealing with required changes. Plus, we have years of experience doing monthly bank reconciliation and bookkeeping -- even in QuickBooks via the Internet -- and we perform these services regularly for a number of our clients.

Let our team of certified, experienced accountants take these tasks off your hands so you can focus on building your business. We can train you, too, and help you find ways to streamline your accounting procedures. Those are just a few ways we can make your life easier.

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With Wilkinson Cooley as your business consultant, you'll have expert guidance that's crucial as you move ahead.
One couple came to Wilkinson Cooley for help setting up their new business. They wanted to know what kind of business entity it should be. Wilkinson Cooley helped them understand what type of entity would get them the best possible tax advantages given their situation. Wilkinson Cooley took care of all the details for them, and filed the proper forms with the IRS. This couple was glad they had gotten professional help to set up their business. They were spared the "gotchas" they might have faced had they done it themselves. For example, just having the proper forms filed on time with the IRS saved them thousands of dollars in taxes in subsequent years. And they had peace of mind knowing that Wilkinson Cooley was always there to help.
It's not always easy to determine which choices will have the most positive impact on your business growth and profitability. Acting as a sounding board for management, Wilkinson Cooley can work with you to address the decisions that affect your business and provide expert guidance in achieving your company objectives. Here are just a few of the ways we can help as your business consultant:

  • Choosing and implementing accounting software
  • Setting up a new business
  • Creating business plans and financial projections
  • Business coaching and mentoring
  • Buying and selling a business
  • Financial and retirement decisions
  • Estate, trust, and gift planning

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